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Dretoolz Technology increases opportunities while also posing problems. We are growing because we are able to address these problems in a cutting-edge way.


Services And Solutions

Our services are divided into different categories depending on the changing demands of our customers as well as our sophisticated resource base, which we use to deliver solutions that save time.

Cryptocurrency Recovery
Bitcoin recovery, Ethereum recovery, USDT recovery, Grenminer recovery, IPC recovery, etc.
Blackmail Or Extortion
victims of blackmail, extortion, romance fraud, and other forms of extortion.
Account Activation
Account reactivation, Instacart, Amazon flex, door dash, Uber eats, Uber driver, Shipt, GrubHub, Postmates, Esty, and eBay, among other services.
Social Media Hack
Recovering a lost or stolen account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Skype, etc.
Device Hack
How to hack any device, including a computer, phone, iPhone, and how to delete and recover lost files from devices, among others.
Scores And Records
Increasing credit score and clearing criminal record on background check.
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Team with Professional Certification

Dretoolz is a group of cyber technology enthusiasts that are constantly searching for methods to offer products and services to a population that is expanding as technology advances.

High Level Of Discretion

Our strict information policy on exclusivity.

Precision Of Service

bringing experts from several professions under one roof with an eye toward a solution.

100% Refund Policy

Funds will be returned if we are unable to complete the task, which we doubt. T&Cs apply.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The methods we employ to retrieve our clients' funds differ significantly from case to case. In the event that a password recovery is necessary, we will guide our clients through the process of obtaining an encrypted copy of their private key and compiling a thorough list of potential password guesses. We then send our client's data to safe password-cracking servers, where it is tested against billions or trillions of password combinations until the right one is discovered.

The time it takes to restore lost cryptocurrency can range from one hour to more than six months. While this may seem time-consuming, it is only so since we usually finish our initial search within a week of onboarding a client. The private key backup and password guesses are kept after the initial search has been completed in order to continue testing as new recovery paths are found and our hardware capabilities are increased (unless we are specifically asked to delete client information).

Every day, we support more and more crypto types. We currently allow the recovery of seed phrases for any bip-39 or erc-20 token type, including heritage mnemonics, 13th and 25th words, such as bitcoin, usdt, ethereum, cotp, etc.

Before our clients feel safe entrusting us with their sensitive financial information, the issues of trust and authority need to be resolved, as far as we're concerned.