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Please like this post if you have any heart and notice it so that it can get some attention. I recently learned that my poor aunt had $30,000 stolen. Everything she had left over after her spouse passed away, including her daily living expenses... Just so she could eat today, she had to go donate plasma. She is an older woman, and the family was unaware until it was too late. Thankfully, we received assistance. Great content, man. I adore what you guys do. You can tell how fervently you feel about the issue and how many others you assist. I spread the word about your content as widely as I can. Thank you to the entire Dretoolz team for the recovery.

Collins Michelson

"Watching your recovery skills is like watching a military based trained agent take on these scammers, (respect to the rest of your team Dretoolz)" Being a private investigator describling your work. With customers who get messed up by these people on a daily basis, it's nice to see them get some justice. Scouting, gathering information, close monitoring, targeting weak spots, breaking through their security, and retrieving valuable evidence with stolen crypto are all aspects of Apex notch on the internet process that are perfectly organized and diligently carried out. Maintain your safety while you continue to arrest them and bust them.


I came across dude a few days ago because my father recently lost a lot of money that was meant for his retirement plan due to a scam. We tried everything to get the money back, but unfortunately it could not be traced. Honestly DRETOOLZ on the internet God bless you sir! For Helping me and these people get their money back and wanting nothing in return is very rare in the world these days. I am very happy to see that there are still people who stand up to these people and Many thanks to you and your team for this important work, you are doing the right thing. ".

Jane Brad

The tradition and art depicted by DRETOOLZ and company  are stunning, motivating, and effectively, I can't quite describe. In my lifetime, I have never seen this kind of art in our area. Another significant financial recovery move. Therefore, if you can, people, let's halt these criminals and aid everyone who has been conned. Perhaps the government could implement a scheme to provide victims of fraud with assistance in recouping their losses. Don't you think the government should assist these unfortunate people? I agree! Well done, and keep it up..


" hey bro. my dad got scammed out of $234,680, All thanks to this amazing team because of your technique and skills. DRETOOLZ have learned to get his money back. I got every penny I lost to this scammers back, It must be difficult for to get the victim to trust that he is legit. This work is awesome though. I love your passion to help victims, Hope victims undergoing through such trauma don't give up because they are more people out and people with such incredible much from "